How it Works.

Zang is an Online Domain Trading Platform in Kenya that you can buy and sell website and blog domain names to make a profit. We are the most innovative platform in Kenya that you can make  real, genuine money online easily through MPESA






To register fill the online form with your details and submit. Your account will be created. You must be 18+ years to register with a valid MPESA Number. You can only register one account with one MPESA number




To access your account login using your Phone Number and Password.


3.Reset Password


If you have forgotten your password, Fill the online form with your cash balance as a security question and change your password.


4.Buy Credit

To Buy Domains you need Zang Credit, To Buy our Credit use our Mpesa Paybill 4044141.


5.Buy Domains

You can Buy cheap Domain names for your blog or website with us. Use your credit or cash balances to pay. Make profits by trading your domain names. You can buy domains using your cash or credit balance.


6.Buy Domain Pending

Once you buy your preferred domain its indicated Pending until confirmed and given to you. It takes  up to 3 working hours for your Domain to be processed.


7.My Domains

These are domain names that you own and you can sell or transfer to your host. The domains you buy are valid for one year from the day of purchase. Domains bought can not be returned or refunded.



8.Sell Domain

If you are unable to host and run your domain in your blog or website, our platform allows you to sell your domain for a profit. To sell your domain, it must be at least one day old. A domain is sold after 12 working hours.


9.Sell Domain Pending

This is when a domain has been submitted to be takes between 1-72 working hours for a domain sell application to be processed. Charges, tax and mobile money charges apply.


10.Transfer Domain

You can transfer your Domain to your host, to transfer your domain, it must be at least 60 days old and also pay Domain Transfer fee of Ksh 2100.It take 1-7 days for a domain to be transferred to your host.


11.Domain Status

  1. Pending-These are domains waiting to be purchased or sold
  2. Bought-These are the domains you have purchased and you own.
  3. Sold-These are domains that you have sold, once sold your cash is deposited in your cash account for you to withdraw.
  4. Rejected-These are domains that were not sold, the reason might be the domain is expensive or we received many applications to process hence rejected. When a domain sell application is rejected it is returned back to the owner. You can try to sell it again.



12.Our Charges :

                       To keep serving you better we charge 5% of every transaction(buy and sell)

                       Every transaction  is subject to Digital tax.

                       Standard Mobile money charges apply.


13.Cash Balance:


This is the amount that you have sold your domains, the amount can be withdrawn to your Mpesa.


14.Withdraw Cash


You can withdraw your Cash to your Mpesa. It takes up to 6 working hours to receive your cash in your Mpesa.The minimum amount you can withdraw is 500 Ksh.We charge ksh 30 for Mpesa withdraw.


15.Pending Cash


This is the amount of Cash that you have withdrawn from your Account to your Mpesa.It takes between 1-6 working hours to receive your Cash in your Mpesa.

                        You can only receive your cash in Mpesa. Standard Mobile Charges Apply.

                          We have a right to reverse a transaction that has been erred

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